Fire Suppression

The Fire Suppression Division is the actual “firefighting” aspect of the Fire Department.

This division is the most “visible” part of the fire department as the members of this division are in the public’s eye as they respond to fires, automobile accidents, first aid calls, etc.


This division consists of three (3) shifts - “A” (Red Shift), “B” (Black Shift), and “C” (Green Shift). A Deputy Fire Chief who maintains the operations of his shift, a Fire Captain, and Firefighters.  The Deputy Fire Chiefs supervise the operations of the fire stations – 13 throughout the parish.

Addis St-12    8202 Laws Rd     Addis La,70710

Addis St-11    6875 HWY 1    Addis La,70710

Brusly St-21    154 East St. Francis St    Brusly, La.  70719

Brusly St-22    4326 Choctaw Rd.     Brusly, La.  70719

Brusly St-23    2141 Antonio Rd.    Port Allen, La. 70767

PA St-31    700 N. Alexander Ave.    Port Allen, La. 70767

PA St-32    2616 Court St.    Port Allen, La. 70767

PA St-33    5080 Rosedale Rd.    Port Allen, La. 70767

Lobdell St-41    2937 Lafiton Ln.    Port Allen, La. 70767

Erwinville St-51    4466 Poydras Bayou Rd.    Erwinville, La. 70729

Erwinville St-52    11311 Section  Rd.     Erwinville, La. 70729

Rosehill St-61    8229 Rosehill Rd.      Erwinville, La. 70729

Rosehill St-62    10201 Bueche Rd.    Erwinville, La. 70729