Ordinances, Impound Fines and Fees

Parish Ordinances

Chapter 14 of the West Baton Rouge Parish code of ordinances governs the keeping of animals within West Baton Rouge Parish. Animals covered by these ordinances include dogs, cats, large livestock (horses, cows, donkeys, lamas, etc.), small livestock (pigs, goats, sheep, etc.), fowl (ducks, chickens, geese, guinea hens, etc.), and beekeeping. WBR Animal Shelter & Control is the agency responsible for the enforcement of chapter 14 within the parish. 

A violation of any ordinance regarding the keeping of animals within WBR Parish can result in a warning notice being issued, the animal being confiscated and impounded by the animal control center, the assignment of applicable fines and fees to redeem the animal as detailed below, and/or a misdemeanor summons being issued. The fines and fees for impounded animals are detailed below and are on display in the main office of the animal control center. You can view the ordinances governing the keeping of animals within WBR Parish by clicking here.    

Rabies inoculation & tags

Owners of dogs and cats within WBR Parish are required to have their animals inoculated for rabies annually or tri-annually by a licensed veterinarian, whereupon they will receive a rabies tag issued by the animal control center. Tag fees are $7.00 per dog or cat, a maximum of two animals, and thereafter $4.00 per animal. The tag shall be securely fastened at all times to a collar or harness and worn at all times by the dog or cat for which the tag was issued. Rabies tags issued by the animal control center must be renewed every year. Owners of animals that have no or out-of-date rabies inoculation/tag shall be subject to the fines and fees outlined below.  

  1. Impound Fees For Dogs
  2. Impound Fees For Cats
  3. Impound Fees For Livestock

Dog pit mixImpound fines & fees for dogs

Altered DogsUnaltered Dogs
1st. offense $201st. offense $30
2nd offense $402nd. offense $60
3rd. offense $803rd. offense $120
*After 3rd and subsequent offenses, WBRASC at its discretion, may choose to confiscate the animal.*After 3rd and subsequent offenses, WBRASC at its discretion, may choose to confiscate the animal.
Room & Board Fee: $5 per day

Fine for no or out-of-date rabies tag/proof of inoculation

1st offense $30
2nd offense $60
3rd offense $120
*After 3rd and subsequent offenses, WBRASC at is discretion, may choose to confiscate the animal.
Rabies vaccination fee: $15*
*The owner of an impounded dog that does not have proof of valid rabies inoculation/tag may choose to have their animal vaccinated at the vet of their choice. The animal, however, will not be released back to the owner until the animal has been inoculated or proof of pre-payment to be inoculated can be provided. 
Microchip fee: $15
Dangerous dog tag and microchip fee: $100
Rabies tag fee: $7 for the first two animals, $4 thereafter.

Hold Period

*Impounded dogs that have a sign of ownership (such as a collar, tag, are well kept, or have a microchip) shall be held for a period of six days from the date of impoundment, during which the owner may contact WBRPASC to reclaim their animal. Impounded dogs that have no sign of ownership (such as no collar, no tag, are in poor condition, or have no microchip) shall be held for a period of three days from the date of impoundment. WBRPASC will make a good faith attempt to contact the owner of the impounded animal if the owner can be identified. Animals that are unclaimed after the six-day (signs of ownership) or three-day (no signs of ownership) hold period, become the property of WBRPASC. These animals may then be disposed of by placement for adoption, placement for foster, transfer to a rescue facility, or humanely euthanized. In cases where the owner has been charged with animal cruelty, confiscated animals will be held for a period of fifteen days commencing from the date of the notice of seizure, during which the owner may post a bond (Louisiana criminal law RS 14:102.2) with the court to secure their animals for a period of thirty days. If the fifteen days elapse, and the owner has not posted a bond with the court, the animals become the property of WBRASC. 

Fee for euthanasia

Owners of animals that wish to surrender their terminally sick or injured animals to WBRASC specifically for the purpose of euthanasia will be required to pay a $40 fee and must sign an owner surrender form. Upon surrendering their animal, they forfeit all rights to the animal and cannot be present during euthanasia.